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Let's Do This!

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times: "You should write a blog!" I think it started with my mom (she actually suggested a book) when I worked for a bank after college and would share funny stories about my experiences there--like the church that left its weekly cash deposit that also included a few condoms or the customer who would occasionally offer me a cold Bud Light through the drive-thru drawer on Friday afternoons. The requests really started pouring in, however, when I decided to dive into the world of online dating a few years ago. While I met a few perfectly nice people, most of that experience was just downright humorous. And sad. But mostly humorous.

The more that people suggested a blog, though, the more I liked the idea. After all, I do love to write, especially when I can share a few laughs over stories about the ridiculous things that seem to happen to me. I also sometimes find myself trying to process thoughts about more serious topics and wishing I had an outlet through which to express what I'm thinking. If only there were a thing for that. Oh...right.

To be perfectly honest, the biggest holdup on this whole thing has been coming up with a name and/or theme for a blog. I didn't want a whole blog about online dating (mostly because I quit that a few months ago). It would not be a cooking blog, a style blog, or a travel blog...but it might end up with elements of some of them. I like to use humor, but I'd also like to push the sarcasm aside at times. What I envisioned didn't fit into a nice little box, and if you know how much I like for things to fit neatly into their categories, you know that this posed a big problem for me.

But then it hit me: That. Is. My. Life. Or at least my life in the last few years. My 30s brought with them the realization that my life was not going to fit into the nice little box I had imagined and which I had convinced myself was "normal." Early-20-something me had this idea that adulthood went like this: Graduate from college. Land your dream job and accompanying cushy salary. Get married around 25. Have kids by 30. Create a perfect Pinterest life and live happily ever after. Bless my naive little heart. The more time that passed, the more "milestones" I missed. For a while, I got really caught up in that. As far as I was concerned, I wasn't doing adulthood right. I was failing, and that "happily ever after" I had imagined was slipping through my fingers. So I'd change plans. I'd create a new idea of what my life was supposed to look like. You're never going to believe this, but the more I tried to map out and put labels on what my life was supposed to look like, the more wrong I was. Only recently have I learned to loosen my grip on "happily ever after" and accept that my path just is what it is. The twists and turns I don't see coming are part of the journey, and that doesn't necessarily mean I'm doing it wrong. In fact, I've started actually looking forward to the adventures (and blog material, obviously) that this journey throws me. So here we are at My Whatever After, where I'll share some of my stories from (and maybe a few lessons I've learned through) this unexpected path that I'm learning to love. I can't promise that I'll write with any certain regularity, but I hope you'll come back to check out whatever comes next!